Here's something for those of you who have enough time in the day to enjoy a relaxing soak in the tub and don't think that sitting in dirty water is a repulsive habit. JVC have brought out a radio and DAP player that floats alongside you in the bath, pumping out your favorite tracks (ABBA's Waterloo? Smoke On The Water?) while you scrub your back‐or have that nice laydee you picked up at CeBIT do it for you.

The XA-AW33 weights 260 grams, has 256MB of internal memory, supports MP3, WMA and WMA DRM and has a dinky little blue light LED trim. Four AA batteries will give you 15 hours of choons. It's currently only available in Japan—but then again, so are those bathhouses called Soaplands. You can see the gizmo doing what it does best after the jump.

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The JVC radio-DAP for your bath [Akihabara News]