Mammut's Pulse Barryvox Avalanche Transceiver looks like an invaluable gadget for skiers and climbers everywhere. It acts as a signal beacon in the event of you being caught in an avalanche, enabling the rescue team to locate you and dig you out quickly. They will be able to check on your health, as the PDA-sized gadget contains an accelerometer that can check on your breathing and radio the results to your rescuers.

The Pulse Barryvox also has a search status to help you find people caught up in an avalanche. Its simple LCD screen, visible from all angles and in direct sunlight, can pinpoint the missing person's exact whereabouts, telling you how far they are from you and in which direction. Just don't buy it and then leave it in the room of your skiing lodge.

Product Page [Mammut via Oh!Gizmo]