These six-foot tall KEF speakers are made of shiny aluminum, and they're so incomprehensible that the high-end Brit speaker maker has named them after an atomic particle. Muon speakers aim high, trying to be the ultimate loudspeaker, with their specially molded aluminum form that the company calls "organic." We were wondering, though, what does "organic" sound like? Chirping birds? Free-range barnyard noises?

Aside from that crock of total horseshit in the press release, we do like those undulating curves of Muon's daring design; kinda reminds us of our fave architect, Frank Gehry. But sheesh, can't there somewhere be a full head-to-toe shot of these things? Well, what do we expect? The speakers will be introduced at some froufrou design trade show in Milan, and of course, price was not part of the conversation.

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