Goodbye Letter I—We discuss the reasons why the letter "i" must leave the tech world, and what letter should replace it.

Prada, Cheaper Than Yo' Momma—The LG Prada knows it needs something else to compete with the iPhone (There's that "i" again), so what did LG do? They made it completely free, with a 1.5-year contract.

EMI Sends Their Music Out Naked—And as you have probably heard by now, Stevie Jobs & Eric Nicoli announced that they will start selling their music catalog sans-DRM. Adam Frucci will walk you through how this fits in with last month's RIAA boycott.

Epson $25/inch 1080p Projector—And we're speaking relatively here, but Epson has a sweet price on a projector. $3,000 for a 1080p projector with a great contrast ratio, HDMI, and can scale to 120 inches.