On the same day that EMI stripped its tunes of DRM protection, ABC quietly became the first broadcast network to feature a broadband "HD player" that lets you watch shows like Lost and Grey's Anatomy in full-screen mode. While NBC has had a full-screen player up and running for some time, ABC claims theirs looks closer to high-def. The above shot is what ABC's video looks like in full-screen mode. After the jump is a screen grab of NBC's player, which clearly doesn't....

come close to the quality that ABC is offering. So what gives? Technology-wise, NBC relies on Adobe's Flash to stream their video, whereas ABC went with technology from Move Networks. I personally wouldn't say it's HD quality, but ABC clearly delivers a better, sharper picture.


Ultimately, our hats go off to both networks for bringing us full-screen video online, though we hope ABC's push for quality gives other networks a nudge to do the same.

ABC.com Unveils "HD" Video Player [Broadcasting Cable via Crave]