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Gizmodo reader Richard Felix put together a do-it-yourself digital picture frame that he built out of an old laptop display, and now he's asking everyone on the Internet to upload pictures to photo-sharing site Flickr so he can view them on this Wi-Fi-connected frame. All you need to do is upload any photo to your Flickr account (go ahead, sign up, it's free) and tag it "slickrframe." Then you'll be participating in this performance art/Web 3.0 experiment.

Let's demonstrate to Richard (and one another) the vast creativity and diversity of the Gizmodo readership, posting hilarious, poignant, provocative or just plain dumb pictures for his (and our) amusement. You can download Slickr, the excellent open-source screensaver with effects and smooth zooms that he'll use to view the pictures, and get in on the voyeuristic pleasure.

It'll be a community Gizmodo experience. Make them good shots, because we'll post the best pictures in a gallery here in the next few days. C'mon, Gizmodians, show us what you got!

SlickerFrame [Fresh Arrival]