Today on the, uh, Today Show, they had a segment called "Gadgets for Girls." It had the standard pandering pink crap, like a pink Vaio and a pink MP3 player, but what we really liked was them trying to play off a shoe wheel as a gadget. Really guys? You ran out of normal devices with pink casings, so you went to the completely non-technological or new shoe wheel to pad the segment? Let's treat the ladies with respect here. Yes, they might enjoy some shoes, but are there really so few gadgets out there that women would find useful that you need to go straight at the lowest common denominator like that?

I mean, don't women like the same types of gadgets men like: functional, stylish devices? Why isn't something like the Sony Ericsson W580 a "Gadget for Women?" Would women not like it because it isn't pink and doesn't keep track of their menstrual cycle?

Maybe I just don't understand women.