Those crazy videoheads at VESA have approved the final version of DisplayPort 1.1 that was announced at CES '07. And while we thought it was yet another new connector for your computer, monitors, TVs and projectors, different to every other video port out there and obviously designed to confuse everyone, apparently VESA says "it's a new roadmap for display connectivity convergence."

According to the Gizmodo Dictionary Of Marketing Drone Speak, "display convergence" means "something that is different from HDMI but that includes the same HDCP 1.3 digital content protection that neither the consumer nor some other companies want, and requires stupid dongles to connect to all displays because nobody supports it yet."

More baffling details after the jump.

DisplayPort 1.1 is the size of a "small USB connector", whatever that means, consumes "less energy," whatever that means, offers "higher performance than dual link DVI at 10.8Gbps," whatever that means, and has optional audio support, which I know what it means and makes absolutely no sense. Hopefully, it will be as ignored as DisplayPort 1.0 and everyone will just use HDMI, which currently can support any current monitor's highest resolutions (up to 3.200x2.048), even while it tops at 10.2Gbps.

Press release [VESA]