Take it from us bloggers who start our travails at cock-a-doodle-dark, way before the sun comes up: We're going to need all the caffeine we can get. So we tried out some Foosh Energy Mints, looking for just a little kick that might take out some of those cobwebs that won't go away at dawn's early light.

As some of you may be aware, the acronym FOOSH stands for Fall On Outstretched Hand. If the claims of Foosh's makers are true, you're not going to be falling down too much after partaking of these mints. It says on the box they're seriously caffeinated, and one of them gives you the equivalent of a rather weak cup of coffee, or about 100mg of that sweet and legal speed. So how well did they work? Did we catch a buzz?

Opening up the $3.49 tin, I noticed there were 12 of the mints inside, but they're big, about twice the size of an Altoid. I popped one in my mouth and was pleased to immediately discover that like Altoids, these babies are curiously strong. They have a great, sweet taste to them, with no bitterness at all when they're dissolving but a slightly bitter aftertaste. In fact, they taste a lot like Altoids.


As the mint dissolves in your mouth, you can sense a slight gritty feeling, and I suppose this must be those little blue crystals you can see in the photos above. It's not an unpleasant effect, however.

Within a couple of minutes, I felt a good strong caffeine buzz coming on, much stronger than if I just drank a cup of coffee or Red Bull. Maybe it's the placebo effect, but these little mints seen to pack a powerful punch. Hey, I could write all day.

Anyway, to sum up, these are some potent mints, they taste great, and they get the job done. No, they don't make you feel like you just snorted a gram of Peruvian, but they can give you a kick in the pants when you need it. Surprisingly effective, and cheaper than Starbucks.

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