I apologize for all the buzz on the mirror-faced LG Shine over the last few months. Across the Internet, it looked good. At CES, when I touched it, it looked good. I have a LG Shine here, and after spending a day with it, I've decided that it really is gorgeous (see the pics). And that it sucks. Let me name the ways.

Screen: Sucks. it's a mirrored screen. Unless in total dark, what you have is goddamn glare.


Slide: There are two places to put your finger when you slide this phone up. On the rolling knob, which your thumb will undoubtedly slip on. Or the mirrored finish. Your call, slip or smudge.

Battery Life:
Sucks. It must take a lot of battery to blast light through that one-way tinted mirror top.

Nice. What? You thought I was going to just bash the Shine the whole post? The case is gorgeous, but the phone isn't as small as I'd like.

Music playback:
Great. The UI for playback includes a EQ, and the built-in speakers are great, too. The otherwise annoying roll-bar is great for getting through long lists of songs. Good job, LG.

But there's more bad.

Just like a RAZRs. They're almost asking to be sued.

Mixed. On the main screen, nothing is labeled well. The main menu's screens work like a charm, though.

Sucks. Doesn't render anything well.

It can read PowerPoint files, and I'm assuming XLS and DOC files, too. Whoop de Do.

It's freaking good. Ain't no Carl Zeiss in a Nokia, but it's not bad at all. There's a strong LED flash and the 2MP shooter even has white balance, and autofocus.


It's not so much that it sucks as that it is an expensive but mediocre phone. Which means you should pass if you care about handsets. The software and functionality are just "ok" while being packed in a shell that looks glorious.

So, don't sweat the fact that this phone isn't Stateside. You're not missing anything. Just take your average high-end phone and slap a makeup mirror onto its top. There you go. Shiny cellphone.

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