If there were a reason why God invented the USB accessory, this surely is it. A roll-up drum kit that you plug into your USB port and drive your coworkers wild with. WILD, I say. There are six pads for you to play around with, and software that will teach you how to drum along to your favorite songs at whatever tempo you want.

And who cares if you're not musical? Want to announce to everyone that you've just closed that stationery deal and got the bargain of the decade on paperclips? Give it some stick. Perhaps you'd like Cheryl to make you a coffee—communicate how you want it (white, nine sugars) with a flurry of hi-hat. Then your boss can trump you with his USB cowbell to tell everyone you're fired.


The price is $30 until August, when it goes up to $45. The secret of good drumming is after the jump, following a beat-off between two of the world's best-known sticksmen.

It's timing.

Product Page [Dream Cheeky via Mobile Mag]