Ah NTT DoCoMo, you may have some of the coolest phones on the planet, but looking at this video on how you think the future of communications and cell phone technologies will be, I can only say that:

a) Someone sold you a broken magic crystal ball.
b) You have been drinking too many industrial-grade cleaning products.
c) You hired Conan O'Brien's "In The Year 2000" scriptwriters to write this story of a Japanese family that starts in 2003 and ends in the next decade.
d) That tobacco you bought in Amsterdam during your 2001 school trip was not tobacco.
e) All of the above.


Although the video has just been posted on YouTube, it seems to be a few years old—unless I've missed something and kids now have giant touchscreens in class. However, it has a few interesting gadgets, and it's a tantalizing view of how communications will be Really Soon Now™.

Failing that, it's definitively good Watch-while-you-are-eating-your-Frosties material. The second part of the video is just right after the jump.

(Video) NTT DoCoMo: The Future of Cell Phones [TechEBlog]