Las Vegas PC purveyor MALIBAL, the company that insists its logo be written in all caps, has rolled out its Veda series of laptops, whose distinguishing characteristic is a gigantic 20.1-inch screen.

This big bertha notebook, made by Chinese manufacturer Clevo, packs some impressive specs, including an 16x Dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7950 GTX SLI graphics card driving that big screen, along with a dual-core AMD Turion 64 X2 processor on board. You can pile on the spec-heavy options, including a TV tuner and a 160GB hard drive. The downside? Brace yourself.

Well, the thing is a boat anchor, weighing an anvillesque 15.2 pounds, and that huge screen skimps on the resolution—at just 1680x1050, it could be great for gamers, but graphics artists will certainly want a 1920x1200 rez on a screen that big. Plus, just try using that honkin' huge screen in a cramped airplane seat. There's no way unless you're sitting in at least Business Class.


And then there's the milquetoast appearance of this giant notebook, in which the word "plain" is an understatement. In a world where laptops are becoming more beautiful every day, and some are even considered fashion accessories, this is an awfully utilitarian-looking appliance, and that gigantic Malibal logo (and no, we won't yell it at you again in all caps) plastered across most of the bottom of the screen just shouts at you. It's certainly not subtle.

Even so, it might be a suitable desktop replacement, with an attractive starting price of $2799.

Product Page [Malibal]