You've probably seen pop-up books, but this Book of Lights is different from any you've encountered. At first it looks like an ordinary book, but you open it up and there's an intricately designed miniature streetlamp unfolding right there in front of you. It has little working lightbulbs at the top, consisting of five 3mm LEDs.

Designed by former product designer for IDEO Takeshi Ishiguro, there are two designs he did for Artecnica. One is this mini streetlamp, and another is a Victorian lamp illuminated with a small 5-watt incandescent bulb. Check out the gallery for photos of each one in their closed-book form and fully open. Each one available now for pre-order for $86.

Book of lights by takeshi ishiguro for artecnica [Unica Home, via MocoLoco]