MS Tags Along With DRM-Free—Zune users will be able to download their own DRM-free tunes; no word on when, though.

First User Upgradeable Laptop—Everything from the CPU to the optical drive will be upgradeable in the Asus C90.

More Apple TVs?—If you check out the Apple TVs "Buy Me" page, you'll notice some interesting wording: "Select your Apple TV". Hmm....

Low End Theory—Cordless phones are a dime a dozen these days, so why not check out the best of the gimmicky cordless phones instead.

The Littlest Dishwasher—Sick of cleaning your dishes by hand, but don't have enough space for a real dishwasher?

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Verizon+Blackberry 8830—Verizon will be the first carrier to pass out the new BB 8830.

iPhone Battery :-( —Rumor has it that the iPhone's battery currently only lasts a paltry 40 minutes. That explains its short appearances.

Nintendo Aims To Kill Online Play Again—George Harrison said that he's confident there will be third-party online games by the end of the year...

Malibal Notebook with 20.1" Screen—This laptop is for those of you who like to take your machine with you, but can't sacrifice a nice big screen.

Xbox 360 Elite Street Date—Jonesing for an Elite? Well, Best Buy seems to have the idea that it will be hitting the street on April 29th.