It was so many months ago when we showed you the first of Dash's first of its kind GPS with a cellular data link inside. Today, here are the first photos of the device's updated interface, including Yahoo! search results for local points of interest. And traffic data measured by some mashup of historical data, time of day, day of week,as well as that uploaded automatically by other Dash beta testers.

This is all prototype, so the UI isn't close to finished. But you should notice two things when you peep the screenshots: Yahoo! returns non-literal search results. So if you search for Chinese food, it'll bring back restaurants, not just names with "Chinese food" in the title. It'll even bring back restaurant ratings. And traffic routing is the most advanced I've ever seen. You can choose from several routes, each with different ETAs, without having to recalculate. Very cool, and they're not even finished.

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