I'm off. Leaving. So, tatty-bye. Working for Gizmodo has been fun, but I have a higher calling, thanks to the discovery of this Conference Bike, invented by Eric Staller in 1991. The 15 mph behemoth only cost me $10,000 and I am going to travel to Guyana on a mission to save the indigenous orange-breasted marmoset from the nation's cooking pots. I have enlisted the help of Charlie, Jason, Brian, Travis, Jesus and Adam to help me pedal the Save The Orange-Breasted Marmoset Campaign to certain success.

UPDATE: They now say they're not coming with me. And seeing as I can't pedal this ridiculous piece of weirdosity by myself (Apparently I need a driver's license to operate it, and the cops took that away from me last year after I tried to run down my fifth husband with the lawn mower) I'll think I'll stay here, if that's all right with you.

Product Page [Conference Bike via Daily Mail]