This floating cabana is made of heavy-duty PVC and seats up to six people. With a nylon canopy to protect you from the sun and a tethered 16-quart cooler to keep your tinnies and snacks at the right temperature, it goes perfectly with the remote-controlled poolside drink tray you saw earlier this week. Measurements are 82"x102"x76" (HxWxL) and you and your crew can climb on board as long as you don't tip the scales at over 1,020 pounds.

The $300 inflatable has a hole in the middle (may I reiterate that it is NOT THAT KIND OF BLOW-UP THINGY) for easy access to the water, but the porthole looks so tiny that only the Nicole Richies of the world can fit through. May we suggest one design modification: Make the cabaña remote-controlled, so that your butler can bring you home should you drift too far away from the yacht.

Product Page [Hammacher Schlemmer via New Launches]