When we last showed you the Nexus Psile Quiet Media PC, we didn't have a whole lot of additional information about it, but now it has your choice of Intel Core 2 Duo processors inside and is readily available in the US at prices starting at $1599. We like the designers' attention to detail with this unit, keeping it as quiet as possible with an external fanless power supply, a fanless copper CPU cooler, a quiet hard drive and a positionable silent 80mm fan.

Beyond that, its clean shape lends itself to design modifications. Nexus makes it easy, offering a variety of perfectly fitting stickers that can be attached to the PC's case, and also Photoshop and Illustrator design templates that you can modify to your liking. Create your design using that template, send the file to Nexus and it will make you a custom skin to stick onto your Psile. You can even customize the color of the LED pilot light. Neat.

Product Page [cooltechpc, via Sci Fi Tech]
Psile Site [Nexus]