Easter is only two days away—are you ready for a mindless day filled with big, scary bunnies, egg hunts and toothaches (if you are a parent)? I'm not, but I'm not a parent so it is really just another Sunday for me, but in honor of the day of bunnies and candy and eggs, here are some of the stranger egg-shaped gadgets out there, as compiled by PC Mag. Some of the goods includes an Egg Pod Speaker Chair, the Segatoys HomeStar Planetarium and more, most of which is either clocks or MP3 players.

Seriously, what is the deal with the unorthodox egg shape for gadgets? I have never actually used an egg-shaped gadget, but it has to be inconvenient to carry around and to use. Oh well, Happy Easter.

10 Egg-Shaped Tech Gadgets [PC Mag]