What timing. Yesterday, I reviewed the LG Shine long enough to give it a thumbs down. Today, Verizon launched the LG VX8700, the flip version of the same Shine with the same 2MP camera with design to die for and boring OS. The two share DNA, yet this one is worth considering. It's all about context.

Next to the other clamshells and LG's crappy Chocolate phone, the LG VX8700 looks like valedictorian in a class of special-ed kids. So consider it welcome relief from drudgery if you're sticking with Verizon.


Verizon's setup also has EVDO data, Bluetooth, 240 x 320 pixel screen, a 3 line external monitor, and Verizon's location based services (for a fee, of course.)

Verizon's LG VX8700 [via Engadget]