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Every since Kotaku informed me of Sega's next generation robot chicken, I'd been hunting for a vid. (Who said they left the hardware biz?)

The fuzzy wuzzy bots are modeled after a 4 day old chicks, because that's when they're the cutest. And that's before they've turned their peeping noises into early morning crowing, and before they've learned to peck your eyes out. I suppose it's also easier to program the AI for a newborns. The robot, which goes on sale in Japan later this month, is already sold out online (according to a friend who I begged to order one for me). It reacts to petting, doesn't shit, doesn't need to be fed, so some would call it the perfect pet. But it doesn't grow up into something you can deep fry, so I question the point of it all. Sigh. Video after the jump.

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