Yesterday, in the dead of the night, Nokia launched the N95 superphone in its Chicago and NY Stores. I celebrated by giving you a tour of its hardware, as if you just plucked it from the box. Today, I ditched the Easter bunny to give you a rundown of the entire N95's complicated and rich inner workings. That's love.

The photo above is of the N95's Lifeblog software — one of 50 cool things worth showing you in the phone, including full GPS, media playback, podcasting, photo/video editing, etc, etc.


That's a lot to get through, but when done you'll basically have the knowledge, and virtual experience of owning the hulking but lovable beast of a phone. It's the best I can do until you can download hardware over the internet. Start at frame one, and click on through for enlightenment.

If that's too much intimacy with the N95, I'll have more impressions in the next day or two that are possibly more easy to digest.

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