Even though this looks like the catch of the day chilling out in your refrigerator, there's nothing fishy at all about this Fresh Salmon Pillow. From the looks of the photo, it's quite realistic, but we're still scratching our heads in wonder, trying to figure out why such a thing exists, and who would put this on a bed or couch.

Oh well, we've seen so many unusual and realistic-looking pillow replicas, and some of them even have extra techno-functions, all we can hope for is that this one only looks like a fish and doesn't smell like one. At least not when you first bring it home. Is this a trend? What other items, objects or animals will be turned into realistic-looking pillows? Jump for more exciting views of this stunning product rollout.

From Japan (where else for something this weird?), it's on sale now for 2500 Yen ($21).

Product Page (Japanese) [Fresh Salmon Pillow, via The Uber Review]