For those who think that June will never come, can't wait to get a sexy subnotebook with flash storage even if it doesn't come with Mac OS X and live in Japan, here's the new Sony VAIO Type G: a 12.1-inch notebook that not only comes under the 2 pounds mark (1.97 or 898 grams) battery included, but includes a 32 GB solid storage unit for $1,926.

The VAIO Type G comes short on power though: it only has a Core Solo U1300 running at 1.06GHz and the Intel 945GMS Express chipset doing the graphic work, with just up to 1.5GBytes of DDR2 RAM. Perhaps that's why it comes with Windows XP Pro instead of Vista. And perhaps that's why I will stick to my MacBook until Apple releases something better with a SDD.


Update: battery life with the standard battery and the SDD drive is 12 hours, but the total weight increases to 2.08 pounds (945 grams). With the small battery, Sony says it will last 6 hours

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