Here's another dedicated BitTorrent client that can operate on its own, independently of any PC or Mac in the network. This time, however, it's a full Network Attached Storage with two SATA bays and 1.5 TB maximum capacity: the Jack In The Box MZK-NAS02 from Planex.

The NAS and BitTorrent functions can be administered using any Web brower. It supports hard drive hot swapping and RAID 0 or 1. While it is not as as sophisticated as a Drobo, it will keep all your music and pr0n movies safe while being fully Digital Living Network Alliance v1.0 compliant and iTunes compatible. In addition to the obligatory Gigabit Ethernet port (sadly no 802.11n, but good enough), the Jack In The Box also has a Secure Digital/Multimedia Card slot.

Sadly, it looks like it's Japan only and there's no official price for now (but it's expected to debut at shops for $333). If it ever comes to the US, watch out for the RIAA, who may be looking for that other thing in a box if they catch you using one of these, right after the jump.

Product page (japanese) [PCI via PC Watch]