When we reviewed the TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder, our only complaint was its steep $800 price. Since then, we've heard rumblings of price reductions, but little did we realize that it would be possible to get this excellent DVR for $489.99 at Amazon. Yeah, there's a $170 rebate involved, but then there's free shipping, too.

We're not the only ones who dig this first-rate recorder—the Poguemeister from the New York Times also had a few choice loving words for the machine. If you're sick and tired of waiting for those CableCard-equipped Windows Media Center PCs, this might be the way to go. Get 'em while they're hot.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, our sources at Amazon say that rebate was applied to the TiVo Series3 in error. It's been removed. Dang! But you can still get it for $659.99, a far cry from $489.99 but still not as bad as $800. -CW

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