No, it's not a new L'Oreal eyeliner but the new Sony Walkman Series E. It's like, they come in trendy-schmancy colors and they are oh-so-shiny and the three-line LCD screen magically appears and it has newly arranged buttons and stuff. And if you charge them for three minutes, they will give you three hours, with one hour of charge giving you 30 hours of looping music hell, although only if you use the ATRAC 132kbps format.

And while someone in Cupertino may be going "whatever," the interesting part is that these 1, 2 and 4GB sexy USB lipsticks also support AAC, so they are compatible with that other player with 100 million units sold and its online shop. They are WMA-compatible too, but who cares about WMA now?

The Series E are coming next month to Japan for $165 (NW-E016), $115 (NW-E015) and $92 (NW-E013), where they may sell in even better numbers than the PlayStation 3. Or maybe not. Hopefully they will be around here in time for your girlfriend's birthday.

OK people, keep your wigs on. There's an update after the jump.

So, you call it potatoe and I call it potato. Some of you readers think that this post is unfair to Sony but I don't agree with you, so I am going to reply here in a new segment I've decided to call:


Some of You Readers Think That This Post Is Unfair to Sony but I Don't Agree With You

First of all, MP3 support is a given unless you think Sony is suicidal (and trust me, despite the PS3, they are not).

Then, why I posted about this even if I don't think it's a wetting-my-pants amazing player? Obviously because some of you actually like it. Good. That's why we are here for, to cater for a large audience composed of Sony fanboys, Apple fanboys, Nintendo fanboys, Microsoft fanboys and Chicken Latex Outfits fanboys. Well, maybe not the last one. But we do write for everyone else who likes gadgets, each with their very own opinions and likings.


Like you, we also have our own. My extended one about this particular player is the following:

I think the packaging is ok and sexy, but the fact is that it looks like a L'oreal eyeliner or a M·A·C lipstick. Some people may love it to the point of inviting Sir Howard Stringer to dinner.

I don't.

Furthermore, a screen (the trick of the appearing LCD is an old one, btw) of that size is absolutely stupid. I still agree with Apple (and Microsoft if you trust the leaks) that to navigate your music collection you need a big screen. This one won't be useful to navigate, won't be useful to see photos and won't help me knowing what song is playing because I already know the song.

You may think otherwise. I don't.

Finally, I think that including battery lifetime figures using ATRAC is just silly, because nobody gives a damn about ATRAC, not even the most rabid Sony fans. OK, maybe those do give a damn. But they use MiniDiscs too. But I digress: even without forgetting about that, this player has a nice battery life, just like other players from other manufacturers. The Sansa comes inmediatly to mind.

In other words: the battery life is a blah feature. The price is just ok. And Sony is not The Hardware Quality standard anymore, period. Not by a large margin (exploding batteries anyone? manufacturing problems with Blu-ray drives? LCD panels actually manufactured in a joint-venture that uses Samsung expertise and technology? Come on).

So my verdict is: while sexy looking for some, this MP3/AAC/WMA/ATRAC player is not amazing by any means. Worth mentioning? Yes. Worth praising? Not.

Now, if you don't agree, please justify your opinion with facts and logic, but stop the frikkin' trolling about how much we hate Sony and how much we love Apple or whoever.


The fact is that we hate and love them all the same and, like you, look at things from our experience and from our personal perspective. That's why we often disagree between us, the editors, and with you, the readers.

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