We're not sure how this one slipped by us, but the folks at AnandTech quietly got their hands on Hitachi's 7K1000, which is both the first terabyte drive in retail and Hitachi's first 3.5-inch drive to use perpendicular recording (that basically means it records your files vertically, as opposed to horizontally to allow for more storage space). Ok, so is the drive worth your cash? Hell yeah. Here's why...

First of all is the price. For $399 you get exactly 931.5GB of storage space. Think of all the, er, video you can store on that sucker. Performance-wise, the guys at AnandTech thought the drive was phenomenal beating its closest rival, Western Digital's Raptor, which has a 10,000rpm, but caps out at 150GB. Other things to note: the Hitachi drive has a SATA interface and operates at spindle speed of 7,200rpm. It has a five-platter design (200GB per platter) and a 32MB cache.


Hitachi also has a CinemaStar version of this drive in the works, which will find a home inside DVRs. But for your home theater PC, you can't top the 7K1000.

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