Sidekick ID—The latest Sidekick has broken free from the labs, check out the first pics of it in the wild.

Xbox 360 Spring Update Video—Here's a 25-minute video diving into the 360's spring updates new features.

OS X 10.5 Delayed—The shot heard around the Mac-obsessed world, Apple has delayed its OS upgrade until October '07.

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Geek Squad Gets Busted—A Geek Squad employee, while on a house call, was caught trying to tape a girl in the shower with his camera-phone.

HD Music Downloads—Do you scoff at Apple's 256 kbps upgrade? Well maybe you'll be more into MusicGiants, with their sample rates going as high as 11,000 kbps.

2nd Gen iRiver Clix—It plays video, has a 2.2" screen, plays music for 24-hours, and comes in 2,4 & 8GB models. Watch out Nano.

Mighty Mouse v.2—According to newly spotted patents, it looks like Apple might be losing the nipple scroll ball in favor of a touch-sensitive shell.

Magellan Maestro 4040—This new GPS is thinner, sleeker, and hopefully longer-lasting than its predecessors.

CBS Goes Web Crazy—The network has agreed to allow companies like AOL, MS, CNet & Joost to start airing ad-supported CBS programming.

LaCie LCD Deadly Accurate—Their new 26" screen is offering a 95% Adobe RGB gamut. So now what you see on your screen will be what comes out of the printer as well.