Hey, wait a minute. We thought the first pink Zunes were shipping in May! Nope, you can order one of the girly-pink players at Amazon right now, but there are only 100,000 of them, so you'd better get 'em while the getting's good. Of course, not all 100,000 of them will be sold by Amazon, but the company's site says they're in stock now and selling for the usual $249.99 price.

Before you go and buy that one, take a look at a Photoshopped "watermelon red" Zune, probably not forthcoming anytime soon, but some people think so:

Jeez, that's one small watermelon! Anyway, we like the red one much better than the pink. Look at those green edges! Nice Photoshopping. Don't buy any of them and wait for the rumored nano-sized Zune 2.0.

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