Not an easy two weeks for the Poguester. First, he pulls an all-nighter putting together last week's video. And this week, he spends four days trying to get the N routers from Belkin, Linksys and Netgear running at the claimed speeds. That 300Mbps rating? It must have been measured on the moon, he quips.

He reinstalls his OS, tries different laptops, works through easter, and even takes the gear to the middle of a state park to see if interference is the culprit. No dice. Most routers didn't pass the 50Mbps speed. Except Apple's which he gives top marks to. He speculates that the Apple Airport Extreme's N implementation in the 5GHz band (vs the 2.4GHz that the other routers use) gives it its advantage.


So, basically, these dedicated networking companies just had their asses handed to them by Apple's Airport Extreme router. (He also notice the same lack of gigabit ethernet that we did, but fails to mention the incompatibility with XBox 360s's Live network.) Useful info if you're going to buy an N setup anytime soon.

Interestingly, the Belkin got a recommendation, despite the failure to pass the 50Mbps mark. Maybe he's afraid of being called an Apple fanboy and wants to provide an alternative? I wouldn't have.


The video, as always, is worth watching. This week's is done like a bedtime story.

A Faster Wi-Fi World Is Coming [NYTimes]