Hands On: Red One 4k—We got to hold a whole lotta' camcorder today at NAB.

Intel WiMax Chip Date Announcement—Rumor has it that Intel will be announcing the release dates for their WiMax chips this week.

Lady Zune—Yet another Zune color, this time it's a lady Zune-and it's pink.


More after the jump including more Red One Coverage.

Teeny Tiny HD Camera—One part egg, one part HD 1080p camera.


Red One 4k Gallery—If the hands on wasn't enough here's a gallery.

Red One w/ Final Cut Pro—And last but not least here's a video showing how the Red One 4k interacts with an app like Final Cut Pro.

FCC Blows SE K818's Cover—We love the FCC and its inability to keep phone secrets hush hush. Here's the latest victim.


Panasonic HPX500 Pro HD Camcorder—Even more cameras! This time it's the Panasonics try at the pro market.

Life-Size Mouse Trap—This needs no introduction.


Adobe Takes Flash Offline—With their new app that will allow for protected flash content when your not connected to the web.