Intel Ultra Mobile Platform 2007—Intel officially took the wraps off their 2007 lineup known as Menlow today.

Blackberry Outage—You CrackBerries out there must have been going nuts this morning when you couldn't be sending your emails back and forth.

Secret of Life—It looks like beer is the answer to civilization & technology. Who'd a guessed it?

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Sony Ericsson P700i—We've found some great images of SE's next smartphone.

Intel Quad-Core Laptop—In 2008 Intel will have a laptop with not one, not two, but four cores.

Panasonic 103-inch Plasma Review—Those lucky dogs at Trusted Review got their paws on the plasma to end all plasmas.

Sex Doll for Dogs—Humans have them, why not make one for their horny little companions?

Boy Jailed Thanks to Daylight Saving Time—A 15-year-old student was put arrested for a bomb threat that was called in an hour later than he called.

Adjustable Breast Implants—Are you finicky when it comes to your breast size? Then check out these adjustable implants.

Sandisk Sansa Connect Frankenreview—10 different opinions on the latest Sansa.

Hands-On with Kangaroom—Jason Chen checks out a few Kangaroom cable organizers.