Zune Phone Interface Revealed? Patents, patents are so fun. We should share them with everyone. Seriously, it looks like a Zune Phone interface to me.

Portrait of Suspected Sony Ericsson W999i Cellphone Surfaces New Sony Ericsson phones are popping up left and right.

No Blu-ray for iMacs till 2008 Those of you who love all in one computers and Hi-Def movies were dealt a blow today. It looks like the iMac won't be getting a Blu-ray drive until 2008.

Griffin Dock Adapter for iPod Shuffle Griffin ingeniously engineered an adapter for the 2nd gen shuffle to hook up to the standard iPod dock.

Rumor: PS3 Price Cut in the Pipeline? What do we do when we want to sell more of our products? Right class, lower the price.

Hitachi Touts 85-Inch Plasma HDTV, Hedges Bets on LCDsThe 103-inch screen won't fit in your TV room? Well, we found a more manageable 85-inch plasma that should suit your needs.

PSP 3.40 Firmware Update Plays PS3 Saves for PS1 Games New update for you PSP lovers out there.

Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Update for April Same deal for the 360's, go and update.

Jack Thompson Blames Bill Gates for VT Shooting Wha? But I don't Get...He is blaming Bill?