Because I was kind enough to ask, Westinghouse told me that the TBD price on the 52" TX-52F480S LCD HDTV we mentioned this morning had indeed been determined, and it was $2,499. For now, you'd be hard-pressed to find a 42-in. 1080p for that price. Indeed, a similarly sized top line Sharp Aquos costs $4500 at MSRP. The unit I saw (and that I photographed, above) was an engineering sample, but Westinghouse reps said it was a revision of the sample they showed at CES. I didn't have special equipment to test the claim of 6.5 millisecond response time, but I have to say, I went in fairly pessimistic, and it looked tasty. 52 inches of awww yeah. Come September, we'll try to get one in for a face-off with some of its bluer-blooded competition.

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2007 Digital House Party Press Room [Westinghouse]