It's been a busy week here at Gizmodo, and with you being swamped at work and all, you might not have caught our favorite posts of the week. So here they are, just so you don't miss them.

Our favorite videographer Dr. Ashen reviews a Megacrisper to much hilarity.

We test the $3k Epson PowerLite 1080p projector, and it looked fantastic even at 120-inches.

What do you get when you combine a GPS with a Windows Mobile phone? A Pharos 600.

This Bluetooth headset looks and docks like the Enterprise D's Saucer and Tail section, but sounds decent and charges funny.

Things you didn't know about Windows Home Server.

How well does the 2nd gen iRiver Clix work? We find out.

We thoroughly test the Xbox 360 Elite. Here are the results.

Do you like watching DivX on your TV streamed from your PC? Yes? The Ziova CS505 is for you.

The tale of the magic SIM. Part 2.

The Lexar ExpressCard Reviewed. How Express is it?