Countdown is progressing for the really really fastest toilet ever:

Ten... Underseat heating - GO!

Nine... Crinoline laydee atop the looroll - GO!

Eight... Bogbrush disinfectant - GO!Bose-in-a-Ferrari at the FCC - GO!

Seven... Heated pedestal mat - GO!

Six... Moist toilet paper for emergencies - GO!

Five... Lightweight-but-stylish Bluetooth speaker from Veritronixs - GO!

Four... Nokia N75 review and gallery - GO!

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Three... Emergency reading/wiping matter/message from our sponsor Apple - GO!

Two... Collection of Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes should any missiles get, er, jammed in the chute - GO!

One... Butleur, our French Major Domo and all-round Higgins figure - GO!

And... Disinfectant thingy to hang below the rim - GO! Emergency pump should the water gravitator fail - GO! A final word from our Sponsor - GO!

We have liftoff!

Congratulations to the team on a very successful launch into space. Let's face it, there's no chance we won't beat the British at their own game. After all, we always do.