Hi there!

I think we all know that today is a fabulous day. Don't we, parishioners of Gizmodo? We are to give thanks to Santa Rosa, the patron saint of platforms. Let us not forget Saint Reno either (are you sure that is the correct spelling?) without whom all this fabulous Intel nonsense would not be possible. So, without further ado let us pray.


Let us give thanks to machines that fold the toilet paper for you. Cleanliness is, after all, next to godliness.

Comedy is a fabulous thing. As is George Lucas. So let us remember mirth and Darth.

More on-your-knees action after the bump.

Did you know that Saint Clare is the patron saint of Television? Bless the newest member of her flock, the Pioneer plasma HDTV. Likewise, its waterproof cousin Iizel.

Where would we be without students, eh? I'll tell you: There'd be no waiters with litigation expertise, no beer bong testers for Gizmodo, and no future products for us to read about on the site. So bless the purveyors of the ITP Spring 2007 show.


God Bless the new Treo with its Google Maps. You may have been lost, but now you're found. Hallelujah!

And finally, let us not forget this thing. Whatever it is, I'm sure Saint Reno would have found a use for it.