Now that Mother's Day is over and you've given her a bunch of gadgets to celebrate, she's probably wondering if there's something even better out there. That's why she needs to come to Gizmodo. But you know how your mom is—she has to tell everyone what she thinks. Here's how to get her to comment:

1) Choose a post, click on it, and scroll to the bottom.

2) Click "New User? Here's what to do."

3) Fill in the comment, choose a username and password (the one you want to use for your eventual comment account), and hit "Submit."


4) Refresh the page to see if your comment shows up. If it hasn't within a day or two, try again with a comment that's not so naggy. Seriously, we're grown men. We know how to wash our underwear correctly. We know that we're supposed to eat breakfast and take showers. C'mon, Mom, don't use your spit on that tissue to wipe my mouth. It's embarassing! My Internet friends are watching!