Apparently the rumors may be true and you should expect new Apple stuff today. At least, the AppleStore is down throughout the world. On a Tuesday, that means new products and given the recent avalanche of new Centrino Duo laptops, we can probably expect Santa Rosa-equipped MacBook and MacBook Pro models.

While we don't think the new MacBooks are going to be a major update in terms of design (no doubt His Steveness would present that in a special event or at WWDC) we will keep our eyes peeled and our Web browsers refreshing (or at least I will, like the Apple fanboy I am.)


UPDATE: at 9:50 EST the AppleStore is still down three hours later, but only new MacBooks have been announced. Could this mean more is coming? Your opinion after the jump.

UPDATE 2: Store is up now. Nothing new, just the sightly updated MacBooks. Smleh.