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Dum-da-duuuuuuum! I wish I had some fabulously portentious-sounding music to play you, complete with booming timpani, to announce some mano a mano between a bunch of Robotos and their crazy machines. Oh, hold on. Play that video and you'll have it. This is a recent Robot Fight, which took place in Osaka between a bunch of machines from the Two-Footed category. They're quite a bunch of Wacky Racers, IMHO.


There were 92 entries for the two categories (Super Regulation Class and Over Regulation Class) and we've got our hands on clips from both the finals. Super Digger took on Guardian—and won—in the SRC, and Dr GIY vs. Ivre (which means "drunk" in French, useless-fact fans) got up close and personal in the ORC. Check out the crazy referee who looks like he is talking to the 'Bots as they grapple away like a pair of rutting Meccano sets.

Another video and a weird weird robot warrior lineup after the boink.

Someone needs to grease these last two up with baby oil and throw them in a paddling pool.

Battle two foot walking robot competition meeting [PC Watch]