Symbian Japan has launched a campaign called Boo Hoo for You, where a talking octopus and piece of sushi remind us of just how bad we have it with plain old s60 handsets in the US. Camera phone? Remember this is a country with Wallet and Door Unlocking Phones.

And here's their list of twenty reasons why we suck:

1. mobile wallet 2. MANGA on mobile 3. mobile check-in at airports 4. mobile keys for door 5. mobile employee badges 6. mobile cinema tickets 7. mobile transport passes 8. fingerprint authentication 9. face recognition/authentication 10. mobile discount/promotion coupons 11. scented phones 12. mobile fashion consultant 13. mobile live TV 14. wii-like mobile phones (motion-sensor) 15. physical bookmarks for mobiles (shops) 16. privacy screens 17. 1D and 2D codes for marketing and even on fruit and veg labels 18. mobile GPS navigation for pedestrians 19. electric wave posters (uses RFiD) 20. waterproof phones

Wow, I feel terrible. Especially those 1d and 2d codes on fruit and veg labels. And my phone doesn't even have a ringtone that can play the World's smallest violin as I weep about it.

Boo Hoo For You [S60, thanks Stefan]