Loath as we are to cover celebretard news - we leave that to our cousins on Gawker, Defamer and the brand new Jezebel - we feel we couldn't NOT cover this one - it does, after all, have a tech twist to it. Actor's actor (and legendary Hollywood cocksman) Marlon Brando's clackers contained USB ports. Gizmodo has the whole story here.

We think you like planes. Here's a $153M Boeing 787 designed by someone with no taste for someone with even less taste - but lots of money, so to Joseph Lau of Hong Kong, may I say what FABULOUS taste you have.

Get out your 3D glasses, because Spielberg and Co think that 3D movies are going to be the future. Didn't they say that in the Fifties?

Men never make passes at girls who wear glasses. Especially girls who aren't paying attention to them.

And finally, it's our Dear Leader's birthday today. This is what the Giz team clubbed together and bought him. Oh, we SHOULDN'T have.