No doubt about it. Sony's DAV-IS10 home theater system has freakishly small satellites. In case last night's pics didn't point that out, Sony's official pics this morning drive the message across. I'd go so far as saying that they're smaller than the than the Neonode). But despite their size they can pump out 50 watts of power each (along with their 200 watt sub). Would I personally buy them? Probably not. Here's why.

They're too damn small. To the point where they would look out of place in my living room sitting next to a 42-inch plasma. Seeing them next to one of Sony's Bravia TVs last night felt a little circus sideshow-y to be honest. Sound-wise, they sounded good for their size, but I wouldn't trade my Denons for them (and if you're more about sound than looks, neither should you).


Otherwise like we noted the system connects to your TV via HDMI, includes Sony's Digital Media Port (basically an proprietary input that lets you add Bluetooth via an optional receiver or lets you add an iPod dock), and they'll cost you $799 this July when they come out.

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