Promote your favorite cause or just some dumb saying on your T-shirt with a Reactee, an interactive concept that lets people respond to your custom slogan printed on your T-shirt. First, you visit the company's website and enter your slogan and a keyword to be placed on your shirt such as "Am I a dork?" "Obama for President" or "Want to get laid?" At that site, you also enter the message that those responding to your slogan will receive.

Wait a week or so for your custom t-shirt with your chosen slogan and keyword printed on it to be delivered to you, and then wear it out in public. Anyone who sees your T-shirt can react to your slogan by texting the keyword you placed on the shirt and calling 41411. They'll get a response containing that message you entered at the company's website. It might be fun if you have an extra $20 to spend on a custom T-shirt that says exactly what you want it to. Try texting our shirt above for a secret message.

Product Page [Reactee]