Engadget HD has the story on why CableCARD 2.0—the standard that everyone's waiting for to provide bi-directional high- def cable support like video on demand—isn't here yet. Turns out the standard for bi-directional certification isn't there, and the associations and coalitions of companies can't agree to agree on what's needed for certification.

Come July 1, when the government mandate that says all set-top-boxes need to have CableCARD support goes into effect, cable companies will be rolling out M-Card bi-directional cards that can activate dual-tuner DVRs from just one slot. But still, the problem is on the software side, which means TiVo Series 3s and Vista CableCARD machines won't be doing bi-directional support until a standard is there.

So the actual headline should probably be "There is no CableCARD 2.0...yet."

There is no CableCARD 2.0 [Engadget HD]