Sharp just jumped into the powerline networking game, rolling out its HN-VA40S and HN-VA10S network adapters. Using the HomePlug v1.1 AV standard for high-speed transmission over power lines, these babies will be great for those who don't feel like using a wireless router or stringing Ethernet cables throughout their houses. Just plug one end into your cable modem and the other into an electrical line and you have an instant and fast network. HD streaming, anyone?

Shipping in Japan on August 24, Sharp gives you a choice of two different box pairs, one with a single Ethernet port at the other end, and another with four Ethernet ports. This is a way to send signals at around 85Mbps throughout your house with no muss, and no fuss. Hey, that's fast enough for HDTV streaming, listening to music, or sending files around lickety-split. Sharp says these boxes will roll out on August 24, with the four-port unit selling for $194 and on a single port for $161.


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