Ostensibly, this lip gloss with concealed LED light in the lid is to avoid any Marilyn Manson or The Cure's Robert Smith-style makeup malfunctions and help you put on your lippy while you're stuck in a dark place (grimy club corridors, dustbins, my mind on a Sunday evening). I can think of some better uses for it, though.


As an interrogation tool. "Were you dancing up close and personal with that podium bitch just now, or is it a trick of the vodka light?"

Locating lost items in your handbag/manbag.

Annoying people in clubs.

Annoying people in general.

Showing your boyfriend exactly where the—no, that's just TOO rude for a Monday morning.


It comes in five shades, costs A$32 and is only available in Australia

Lip lights for glamorous lips any time any where [GizmoDiva]