It was the best of theaters and it was the worst of theaters, when two worlds collided—but literary references aside, it's all good. In the front of the room you'll see a 140-inch screen for a projector, and in the back of the room? There sits a 42-inch plasma display. Why?


It points out the advantages of a front projector vs. plasma. When this theater's occupants want to immerse themselves in a movie, they darken the room, fire up the projector and have an experience that's almost like sitting in a commercial cinema, and maybe even better.

But when they want to hang around the bar, play cards while watching a baseball game, engage in lively conversation and have a few brewskis, what could be better than watching the game on a plasma or LCD display hanging on the wall next to a poker table and chairs and a few barstools?


This is a great idea for a home theater, turning what would normally be a single-use room into a multipurpose sports bar/home theater. With apologies to Dickens, it's a far, far better theater than I've ever seen before.

Home Theater From Two Sides [Electronic House]